How to Season Clay pot | Best beginners Guide for Clay pot seasoning

We understand that you are really excited to try out new dishes in this new claypot that you’ve bought and so badly want to use it right away. But guess what ? your efforts would be in complete vain if you haven’t seasoned your claypot .

We will take you through the step by step process of how to season claypot for cooking. Other best part about seasoning claypot is that it helps in enduring the heat in a better way and also lasts longer.

Step 1 : Go to Step 11 😉

Step 2: Wash the claypot thoroughly twice.

Step3 : Make sure to soak the claypot overnight for a minimum of 8-9 hours.

Step 4: Next morning take out the soaked claypot and keep it in the sun until it’s completely dried.

Step 5 : Once it’s dried ,rub oil around the entire pot and let it soak in the sunshine again.

Step6 : After some time you would figure out that the claypot has dried completely and now again fill the pot  with water and some rice and leave it to soak  overnight.

Step7: The next day, boil the claypot with the overnight soaked rice. The rice water should be boiled  until bubbles start popping.

Step 8 : Turn off the flame, Allow the claypot to completely cool down and now the rice water is ready to be thrown away.

Step 9 : Wash the claypot using a dish wash scrubber but make sure to not use any washing liquids. After some time again heat the pot in low flame with some oil and saute some sliced onions along with it.

Step 10: Yay ,you have now successfully seasoned the claypot and are ready to cook some aromatic and  mouth watering dishes for your family. Happy Cooking.

Step 11: Firstly assuming that you are a claypot enthusiast just like us we would like to introduce to you our claypots and now you may resume to read the steps for seasoning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

  1. What are glazed vs unglazed clay pots for cooking? 

If you want the entire benefits of claypots we would suggest you  buy an unglazed claypot. Because they are entirely made of clay and no artificial substances are added unlike glazed ones .

  1. How long should I soak a clay pot before cooking? 

The claypot needs to be soaked for 8-9 hours overnight. 

  1.  What are the Uses of Claypot? 

Claypots are alkaline in nature which helps balance the PH level. They also help in keeping the food moist and aromatic.

  1. Where to buy Claypots?

We would like you to check out our specially curated red and black  claypots

Thank you for sticking on till the end. Just like this blog our products are done in step by step art form carefully curated by our lovely artisans in order to deliver the Tasty and healthy traditional cookware for our customers.

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Benefits of Cooking in Clay pot

If you are wondering “can you cook in clay pots?” We would like to tell you that Not only the “ Meen Chatti Curry ” which has returned to trend but also the use of claypots. Yes, It is time for us to get back to the Basics. Because In the earlier part of Indian culture, people used Earthenware as their fundamental essential part of living. But nowadays so many other utensils have come that claypot has become an option. but either way we will help you understand why it is necessary to choose claypot as your option by sharing a few of its valuable benefits through this blog.

One of the worth mentioning benefits about Claypot is that they add unique flavor to your food. It is because of the fact that these claypot cuties are made up of Clay(obv) that are alkaline in real. This nature of it gets along with the food during cooking process casually balancing the ph. After the getting along they not only do a great job in making the food healthier but also creates the aroma which stays in your mind literally forever. These claypot makes your food rich in health aka minerals like iron, phosphorus, calcium etc.

Claypot could actually help you with your Cholesterol level up to some extent. Remember only to a certain extent. Cooking in claypots is a unhurried process cause of its heat resistance ,so it makes the food retain all of its oil and moisture, thereby avoiding that extra oil which is making your cholesterol level skyrocket.

Apart from the fact that it’s helpful for your cooking and health it also has a cool property holding promises to the environment. As they come from soil whenever you plan to decompose them  they readily decompose back into it. Which is a complete biodegradable process. Unlike other utensils which aren’t biodegradable. As we discussed earlier about the slow heating process of claypots ,it also benefits in retaining the mouthwatering and aromatic nature of the food throughout the day.

Choosing the right claypot is as important as knowing their benefits because many claypots and earthenwares  are unglazed which could possibly contain lead ,mercury and other things that  are hazardous to health.

This is where we come into picture to help you choose the right claypots. We are Ecocraft india 

Primarily focusing building products on traditional cookware which promotes better taste and health.

We see each order as a piece of art and its crafted by local artisan who helps preserving the culture and tradition everyday. We are best known for our seamless shipping process because we know its a worry when it comes to Claypots. We also believe that sustainability is not a trend but necessary  requirement for the better future.

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If we have your heart ,kindly spare few mins to checkout out our other Useful  blogs on clay pots can’t wait to meet you on the other side.

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