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Ecocraft India Clay Pots : Know Your Product Better & Closer

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EcoCraft India Online is a Kerala based committed traditional pottery manufacturers and handicraft wholesaler and retailers having experience of more than 50 years. To cope up with the demands of the market and with the aim of promoting heritage crafts with its novelty & nature touch.

To revamp the traditional handicraft industry we are now available in the online platform. We engage with a bunch of skilled craftsmen who are passionate and are in the job for ages. Ecocraft India Online is about quality products for the customers who only want the best.

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Handmade Product, Size and Shape may vary slightly. More sand is added in clay for extra strength, durability and long lasting which gives it a rough finish. These pots are made by beating clay to a surface to make the thinnest possible base, which will prevent pots from cracking due to heat expansion while cooking.