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How To Use Earthenware or Clay pots

  • Use earthen cookware only for cooking where the temperature rise takes place gradually. sudden rise or fall of the temperature will lead to its cracking.
  • Never add broth or cold water into an earthen pot that is already heated.
  • Do not use scratchy powdered cleaner for cleaning your earthenware. Use only a mild soap.
  • To remove food items stuck to your unglazed earthenware, simply soak it in water without detergent. The detergent might be absorbed by the earthenware and prove poisonous while being used the next time.
  • Pot may remain hot after use, use gloves or cloth to hold the pot.
  • This traditionally engineered product is seasoned. Soak the pot in starch for 2-3 hours. Let the pot to dry in sun, then wash off the remaining starch before using the pot.