Ecocraft India Bronze Uruli : Traditional Indian cooking vessel for cooking payasam and other dishes – 8 Inch (1.25L)

Introducing our meticulously handcrafted bronze uruli, the best addition to your traditional Indian cooking essentials. Also known as the “Kerala uruli”, this versatile cooking vessel has been a staple in South Indian cooking for generations. Our bronze uruli is expertly designed to last for years, made with high-quality materials that provide even heat distribution for perfect dishes every time. Also, the bronze material is non-toxic, making it a safe option for cooking.


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  • Meticulously handcrafted bronze uruli
  • Versatile cooking vessel ideal for traditional South Indian dishes
  • Made from high-quality, non-toxic bronze material
  • Provides even heat distribution for perfect cooking every time
  • Designed to last for years
  • Available for purchase online for added convenience
  • Perfect for professional chefs and home cooks alike
  • Essential for any traditional Indian kitchen
  • Ideal for cooking meat, biriyani, pickles, payasam, halwa, and more

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