Can we use clay pots in a gas stove?

Clay pots on gas stove

This is one of the most asked questions amongst our customers and this question might arise while you try to purchase any clay pots. To understand this first we need to understand how the shape of the bottom of clay pots affect the cooking process. There are two types of clay pots, flat base clay pots and curve base clay pots. What does this mean? Its simple flat and curved base clay pots only differ in the shape of the base. Rest everything will be the same. Flat based clay pots have a flat and stable base while curved base clay pots have a curvature shape for the bottom.  

Coming back to the question on use in gas stove. Yes, We can use clay pots on a gas stove, be it flat based or curve based clay pots. Since clay pots were used from ancient times and the cooking methods were not on a gas stove this question might arise for everyone. Clay pots can be used on gas stoves and no damage or harm is caused by doing so. It is similar to using it on a traditional stove.

Also if you can use clay on a gas stove, obviously the next question would be can I use it on an induction stove? 

This is where the idea of shape of clay pots comes into use. In a gas stove we can use both flat based and curve based. While in Induction it would be more recommended to use flat based clay pots as it would be in complete contact with the burning surface which is not the case in curved based clay pots.

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