5 Benefits of Cooking In a Clay Pot form Ecocraft India

Have you ever tasted food cooked and served in a clay pot? Have you ever thought why we human are still cooking & using this age-old goodness of earthen clay pots even after thousands of years and have invented thousands of other alternative materials? If you guessed earthen pots or clay pots have something unique goodness in it, then you are absolutely correct! Though this cooking concept is from the start of civilization, and now more and more people are switching over to these pots for cooking. If you wish to know the incredible benefits of cooking food in clay pots and many more related aspects, we recommend you read this article.


Food Cooked in Clay Pots Have a Nice Flavour

Earthen pots are made of clay, which is alkaline in nature. This property of clay pot enables it to interact with the acidic components in the food while cooking, thus balancing its pH value. This not only makes the food healthier but also adds a nice aroma and favour to the food. Cooking in an earthen clay pot add some essential minerals to the food such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium etc.


Food Cooked in Clay Pots will Retain Nutrients

While cooking in clay pots heat and moisture are evenly circulated in the pot due to the porous nature of clay pots. This helps the food in retaining the nutritive value of the food while preparing in the clay pots. This is also the reason behind the juicy and tender taste of fish & meat prepared in clay pots.


Food Cooked in Clay Pots Are Healthier for Your Heart

Using less oil is healthier of our heart, this is an undoubted fact as we all know. Clay pots take longer time to heat and slow cooking helps in retaining moisture and natural oils that present in our food. this gives us an excellent opportunity to reduce the oil content in our food and cook healthier food for our hearts.

Ecocraft-india-clay-pot-benefits-Aromatic dish

Food Cooked in Clay Pots are Aromatic

As we discussed earlier and porous nature of clay pots and slow heating process in the clay pots helps in retaining the natural and flavourful aroma of the food. This Aroma will give the food an out of the world taste to your dishes.


Ecocraft India Clay Pots are really valued for money products

Ecocraft India Clay pots are premium quality clay pots made from the finest raw materials selected skill and traditional craftsmen. We use the knowledge and production style which is traditional with all the value of goodness. They come in different shapes, shades and sizes each for different uses, so you can pick the one best suited to your requirements.


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