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Benefits of Drinking water from Traditional Clay Pot

Have you ever wondered why clay pot is valued so much that its tradition is still serving its benefits to us? It is so valuable that it just does its work even while serving water. Sounds terrific, isn’t it? Yes, We were as interested and curious as you. So let’s just dive into knowing the benefits of drinking Matka Water from a clay pot.

Every summer we may even skip drinking sugarcane juices and sometimes taking a bath (not guilty at all I know) but we never skip drinking water from the refrigerator. Well, early in those days people trusted Clay pots for chill water as they help in cooling the water naturally. To be honest with you all it delivers more than just chill water.

Water stored in Clay pot evaporates and escapes through the tiny pores present on its surface. This process of evaporation ensures that the heat in water slowly lowers its temperature inside the clay pot.

We can’t be frantically counting and omitting all the toxins we consume every day. But we could definitely take measures that keep our health in balance and Claypot actually does it pretty well by shooing away the acidic nature of foods we consume and also balancing the pH level of the food. Okay, why am I including this in this article? It is to let you know that drinking water in a clay pot helps relieve gastric and acidity to some extent.

One of the advantages of storing water in the clay pot is that it devoid all kinds of Chemicals which helps boost the metabolism. This also improves your digestion because of the minerals present in the clay pot water.

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India’s current heatwave has been made hotter by climate change .The hotter the country is getting the sunstroke stats is skyrocketing. It may be a very common problem during summer but it is unbearable for sure. Clay pot help you re-hydrating by keeping the minerals and nutrients intact in water. Have you seen small pandal every corner of the street during summer serving water in Clay pots they are just a savior!

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