Ecocraft India Cast Iron Dosa Tawa -12 Inch Dia

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Introducing the Cast Iron Dosa Tawa – The Best Natural Non-Stick Pan for Making Crispy Dosas – 12 Inch Dia. Experience the joy of perfectly cooked dosas with our premium cast iron tawa. Crafted with care and precision, this dosa pan ensures even heat distribution for crispy, golden dosas every time. Its naturally non-stick surface eliminates the need for excessive oil, making it a healthy choice for you and your family. Embrace the traditional art of dosa-making with our durable and versatile cast iron tawa.




Material Cast Iron
Brand Ecocraft India
Colour Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH 29.8 x 29.8 x 1.9 Centimeters
Has Nonstick Coating Yes


  • Width -11.75 Inch; Weight – 2.640 KG
  • Experience Perfectly Cooked Dosas with Our Cast Iron Dosa Tawa
  • Superior Heat Retention and Even Cooking
  • Naturally Non-Stick Surface for Effortless Dosa Preparation
  • Prepare Healthy Dosas with Minimal Oil
  • Versatile 12-Inch Design for Large-Sized Dosas and Crepes
  • Enjoy Uniform Heat Distribution for Perfectly Cooked Dosas
  • Built to Last: Premium Quality Cast Iron Construction
  • Comfortable Grip and Easy Flipping
  • Compatible with Gas Stove, Induction, Oven

Features & Benefits:

Superior Heat Retention: Our cast iron dosa tawa retains heat exceptionally well, ensuring even cooking and consistent browning of dosas.
Naturally Non-Stick: The seasoned surface of the tawa offers a natural non-stick finish, making dosa preparation and flipping effortless.
Healthy Cooking: With its non-stick properties, our cast iron tawa requires minimal oil, allowing you to prepare healthier dosas without compromising on taste.
Versatile Design: The 12-inch diameter of the tawa provides ample space for making large-sized dosas, crepes, and other flatbreads.
Even Heat Distribution: The thick cast iron construction of our tawa ensures uniform heat distribution, preventing hot spots and ensuring perfectly cooked dosas every time.
Long-lasting Durability: Made from premium quality cast iron, our dosa tawa is built to withstand daily use and serve you for years to come.
Ergonomic Handle: The sturdy handle provides a comfortable grip and easy maneuverability while flipping dosas.


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