Ecocraft India Clay Biryani Pot Combo 1L 2L

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Combo of Red Clay Biriyani Pot ( Size 1L, 2L) . Perfect for Biriyani Cooking. This can also be used for cooking delicious gravies and curries. This Combo can also be used as Serving purpose  

Best for Biryani, Dal, Khichdi, Pongal, All Types of curries.  Cooks: 500gm fish, Meat, or vegetables.


About Red Clay Biryani Pot Combo 1L, 2L

Sizes of Clay Biryani Pot : 1 Liter & 2 Liter

Material: Clay.

Colour: Black.

Type: Cooking & Serving Vessel.


Clay Biryani Pot offer numerous health and culinary benefits. Firstly, they enrich your food with essential minerals like Phosphorus, Iron, and Magnesium. Additionally, the alkaline nature of clay helps neutralize the pH balance of your meals, thereby promoting better digestion and health. Moreover, its porous structure allows for even circulation of heat and moisture, resulting in juicier and more flavorful dishes.

Furthermore, clay pots ensure food cooks perfectly without the risk of overheating or burning, thus preserving the natural taste and nutrients of your ingredients. Cooking in clay pots also enhances the aroma and texture of your biryani, providing an authentic and delightful culinary experience. Consequently, with a clay biryani pot, you can enjoy healthier, tastier, and more nutritious meals every time.


It hands a hand made product, Size and shape may slightly vary. More sand added in clay for Extra Strength, Durability, and a Long-lasting, Rough finish.


This product is seasoned using Corn Starch. Seasoning starch may appear Glossy and Slippery on the surface.


We assure you there are no chemicals used in any step of making this product. It is made using Naturally excavated Clay. We use edible corn starch for seasoning the pot. Red pots may turn Black & Black pots may turn Red from the bottom while cooing due to temperature change

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