Are the red colours on clay pots natural?

The process of applying Red colour on Clay Pots. Credits –

First of all this question has made our DMs more than any other questions. Are the colours used in clay pots natural? Will it cause any harm? Is it wall paint which is used to give the clay pot red colours?  We would love to clarify all the doubts in and around this.

Yes it’s a complete natural process and the colour applied on is also extracted naturally and the colour too is a natural product. First I would like to explain how this colour is obtained and why it is stated to be natural.

Regarding the process of extracting colours. Freshly excavated mud is soaked in water for some time. This mixture is then rubbed vigorously to make it a dark red mixture of colour water on top and sediments on the bottom. This process is done until the colour extract comes out. During every step the volume of mixture decreases and it takes up to 24 to 30 hours to completely get a red colour mixture

This red colour is then applied on the freshly moulded and dried clay pots and kept to dry up. Once dried up the clay pot is burnt to very high temperatures(which makes it stronger and to make the colour stay). This makes the final process of making the red clay pots.

After all this process the clay pot with red colour is good to go. So it’s all a natural process to make it, extract it. No artificial ingredients are used at any point of time while making. 

Also there might be a doubt about the black colour clay pots? Well they too are obtained through a natural process. Instead of applying red extract on clay pots, freshly moulded and dried clay pots are burnt to extreme high temperatures. This burns the entire clay pots making it appear black in colour.

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